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    Auction club

You are now able to take part in all our auctions and bid in realtime from anywhere.

You are able to compete with the other bidders in realtime. On your screen you are able to see the bidding level at the moment.

You compete with other bidders on an equal footing.

INSTRUCTIONS AND LOG IN: http://www.holmasto.fi/help/realtime-auction

The system has two diffrent ports for logging in. One gives the the possibility to make absence bids and the other port allows participation in real-time. Online tender to get involved through the gate that opens to the auction by clicking the button and selecting the option from the top "online auction". Wait for the start of the auction. When the auction starts it is showing the first item automatically. More detailed instructions are available by clicking the HELP button and select the live auction. 

If you have trouble using our system we hope to get feedback. We take all feedback into account in the contignues development of the Holmasto auction system. A considerable amount of improvements to the system are already under construction. The auction system accepts absence bids until the moment when the lot in question is presented on the screen. After that only realtime bidding is possible. The average time to sell one lot i abt 25 seconds.

Thank You for Your feedback.


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