Estates of the deceased

When estates are divided or sold, it is important that objects are valued correctly and expertly. There are often significant amounts of jewelry, watches, collectibles, banknotes, decorations and other antiques of good value in homes. HOLMASTO expertly evaluates all the above-mentioned groups of objects and provides recommendations for further processing of other objects.

We charge 60 € / h for the valuation. The answer is given by e-mail or telephone. We charge 80 € for a separate valuation certificate. If you decide to leave the items in our auction or sell them directly to us, we do not charge anything for the evaluation work.   

Contact HOLMASTO experts either via e-mail or to the valuation number tel 0600 96 665 (1.78 € / min + lsa).


Our service is based on expertise and high-quality customer service.

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We buy gold in all forms, from gold jewelry to gold bars and scrap gold. Gold trade with confidence since 1949.

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