Evaluation of jewelry

Our experts make evaluations in our store at Alexandersgatan 50 in Helsinki. If you are interested in selling, we will give you a purchase offer on your jewelry. We also provide valuation certificates for insurance companies. You can also get insurance and authenticity certificates for rings and other jewelry from us. 

Purchase of jewelery

Our purchase offer is based on the daily changing world market price of gold or silver. The offer price is also affected by e.g. the condition of the jewelry, whether it contains diamonds or other stones, whether the jewelry is sold as such through renovation or if the material is melted. We can take a more valuable individual product to a sales account.

About 9/10 of our customers have decided to sell after receiving our purchase offer. You can do business in our store on weekdays from 10 to 17 at Alexandersgatan 50 in Helsinki or contact us in advance via e-mail at shop@holmasto.com. Please bring all possible documents (purchase receipt, warranty certificate, etc.). Extensive documentation increases the value of the object.

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We Buy Gold

We buy gold in all forms, from gold jewelry to gold bars and scrap gold. Gold trade with confidence since 1949.

Our store

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