Wrist watches

HOLMASTO focuses in particular on sales and purchases of high-end watches. At HOLMASTO you will find a good range of Swiss made ladies's and gentlemen's watches. A wristwatch says much more than just the time of day. Through the watch, the wearer's personality and style emerge. For a man, the watch is often the only "piece of jewelry". You can start your watch hobby by first getting a watch that fits with different clothes and styles. Some watches are displayed in the online store. All can be seen in our store at Aleksanterinkatu 50 in Helsinki. Welcome to get acquainted with the selection. Our professional staff is happy to answer any questions you may have. 


Our service is based on expertise and high-quality customer service.

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We buy gold in all forms, from gold jewelry to gold bars and scrap gold. Gold trade with confidence since 1949.

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