Valens, 364-378 jKr. Siliqua, hopeaa, Lyon. Ex East Harptree hoard


Valens, AD 364-378. AR siliqua (19mm, 1.9g) Lugdunum, AD 364-367. D N VALENS P F AVG, draped and cuirassed bust with pearl-diadem r. / RESTITVTOR REI (P), emperor holding labarum (chi-rho symbol) and Victory on globe, below mintmark PL(VG). RIC 6f.

Provenance: this coin is part of the East Harptree hoard discovered near Bristol in 1887 and published by John Evans in 1888 in the Numismatic Chronicle (pp. 22-46). After the hoard was examined at the British Museum it was returned to its owner Mr. W. Kettlewell and finally dispersed in 2016 by auctioneers Spink & Son.

 Nice dark patina   1+ (VF)

295,00 €

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