Buying at auctions

We organize what we call traditional auctions 4 times a year. These are events that you can participate in either by coming to the auction site, or by using our online Liveauction -bidding tool. If you visit us at the auction site you can look at the lots before deciding to place a bid, and if your bid wins you can get the take any lots you've won with you immediately after all costs have been paid. Please see the catalog for the auction for the address to the auction site.

Arriving at the auction site

When you arrive at the auction site you need to check in at our reception. Please have a valid government issued ID ready. Note: You need to register at the reception even if do not plan to buy anything!

During registration, you will receive a yellow paddle nr which you can use to place bids during the auction.

Placing a pre-auction bid before the auction

We provide you with the opportunity to place bids on lots before the auction starts. You can do this through the online auction catalog when you are logged in (note: currently you need to register to our old site for placing bids online, see for details about this). When placing pre-auction bids, we recommend that you bid the highest sum that you are willing to pay for a lot even if the starting price is considerably lower. Our auction system will take care of raising your bid automatically up to your bid as the auction proceeds. If the clubbed price is lower that your bid, you only pay the clubbed price.

Placing a bid with the paddle

During the auction, the auctioneer will call out the lot nr currently being sold and the current bidding price. The information is also shown on a screen behind the auctioneer. When you see a lot that you want to place a bid on, raise your yellow paddle so that it is clearly visible to the auctioneer and his assistant on stage. Keep the paddle raised for as long as you are participating in the bidding. If the asking price reaches a level higher than what you are prepared to pay, lower your paddle.

Placig a bid with the Liveauction bidding tool

Our Liveauction bidding tool allows you to participate in the bidding from any device with a modern browser. We recommend ensuring that you have a fast internet connection available, as network lag might otherwise cause problems.

Note: for the time being you need to have an account on our old site as well to join an auction using our Liveauction tool. See for details).

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your credentials (note: needs to be credentials for our old site for the time being)
  3. If the auction has not yet started, you will see a notification screen only. You can leave the browser on this page, and when the auction starts it will automatically refresh to the lot currently being sold.
  4. Once the auction has started, you will be presented with a screen that shows the current lot being sold, the price that it would currently be sold for, and the current asking price. Typically, a lot will be displayed for anything between 5 - 10 seconds before being clubbed if there is no immediate interest in the lot (depending on the value of the lot), so please be prepared to place bids well in advance on lots you are interested in.
  5. To place a bid at the current asking price, simply click "Place bid" at the bottom of the screen.
  6. To place a bid at a higher price than the current asking price, type the sum you want to bid in the input next to the "Place bid" button, then click "Place bid". Note that bids above 200000€ cannot be placed through the Liveauction bidding tool. Also note that it is not possible to cancel a bid that is placed using the Liveauction-tool.
  7. If your bid wins, the screen will notify you before moving to the next lot. You can also check the status of your winnings from the "Your results" menu option in the bidding tool.

Corrections during auctions and after

We reserve the right to correct the price or buyer of a lot during an auction or after an auction.

Receiving lots you've won

You can receive any lots you've won during an auction at our reception at the auction site at any time during the auction once you have settled the bill. Any items sold are the property of Holmasto until the bill for the item has been settled completely. At the auction site we accept cash and major credit cards.

If you did not participate in the auction on-site, but instead only placed pre-auction bids or used the Liveauction-tool from a different location, then you can receive your items from our shop the following business day, or have them shipped to you by a delivery service.