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Many of Finland’s foremost artists have also excelled within medallic art, among other Emil Wikström, Wäinö Aaltonen, John Munsterhjelm, Eila Hiltunen, Raimo Heino and especially Kauko Räsänen. Their and other artists’ medals can be found here. One can also collect medals thematically, for example medals depicting C.G.E. Mannerheim or related to medicine.

Suomi | Medals – other countries

Akseli Gallén-Kallela.

Alpo Sailo

Medals Suomi
Eliel Levón

Finland, L. O. Hyppönen, Bronze

Bronze medals Medals Suomi
Hufvudstadsbladet 1864-1964

Finland, Johan Finne, Kultateollisuus Oy, Bronze

Bronze medals Medals Suomi
Ivar Vilskman 1854-1929

Finland, Alpo Sailo, Bronze

Bronze medals Medals Suomi
Joannes Paulus II

Silver (Ag)

Medals Medals - other countries
Medals - other countries Silver medals Suomi
Kauko Räsänen Literature
Kollaa 2. – 13.3.1940

Silver (Ag)

Medals Silver medals Suomi
Lauri Sutela

Finland, Pentti Papinaho, Bronze

Bronze medals Medals Suomi
Olavinlinna 1475

Finland, Silver (Ag)

Medals Silver medals Suomi
Osmo Järvi

Finland, Aimo Tukiainen, Bronze

Bronze medals Medals Suomi

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