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The first Finnish Markka denominated banknotes are from 1860. Before that the Bank of Finland, founded in 1811, issued Rouble and Kopek notes. As for the Finnish 20th century notes, worth noticing are among other designs by Eliel Saarinen and the currency reform in 1963.

5 Kronor 1978 Gustav Vasa

Sweden, 5 kronor

Banknotes Banknotes - other countries
10000 lire 1984 Volta


Banknotes Banknotes - other countries
20 Deutsche Mark 1977 Elsbeth Tucher

Germany, 20 Mark

Banknotes Banknotes - other countries
10 Deutsche Mark 1977 Lucas Cranach

Germany, 10 Mark

Banknotes Banknotes - other countries
1000 markkaa 1955*

1000 markkaa, Finland

Banknotes banknotes - Finland Republic of Finland
1 Dollar 1967 Centennial

1 dollar, Canada, Elizabeth II

Banknotes Banknotes - other countries
5000 markkaa 1945 litt A

5000 markkaa, Suomi

Banknotes banknotes - Finland Republic of Finland
100 markkaa 1909 Laillinen/ laglig

100 markkaa, Nikolai II, Suomi

Banknotes banknotes - Finland Grand Duchy of Finland
Ukraine. 5 Karbovanetsi 1991

Ukraine, 5 Karbovanetsi

Banknotes Banknotes - other countries
Ukraine. 3 Karbovanetsi 1991

Ukraine, 3 Karbovanetsi

Banknotes Banknotes - other countries
Ukraine. 1 Karbovanets 1991

Ukraine, 1 Karbovanets

Banknotes Banknotes - other countries
Peru. 10000 Intis 1988

Peru, 10000 Intis

Banknotes Banknotes - other countries

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