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We buy gold

HOLMASTO buys gold in all its forms; gold jewelry, gold bars, scrap gold and even dental gold. Gold items can be taken to our store for evaluation on weekdays from 10 to 17. We perform most evaluations while you wait and give the payment in cash or to a bank account. 

We pay a competitive price according to the daily changing world market price. About 9/10 of our customers have decided to sell after receiving the offer. Gold can also be sent to us for evaluation by post. We will send you a shipping package and pay the delivery costs (in Finland).

We buy all types of precious metal objects

  • diamond jewelry
  • gold jewelry
  • platinum jewelry
  • silver jewelry
  • design jewelry
  • silver cutlery
  • coffee sets in silver
  • scrap of gold and scrap of silver
  • dental gold 

We buy gold, silver and other precious metals in all shapes and all types of quantities, even very small quantities and very large batches. New and old. Intact and broken.

All the gold we buy is recycled in one way or another. We send broken and otherwise damaged jewelry to Central Europe for cleaning and melting. From there, they return to circulation as pure gold, from which new jewelry and other gold objects are made again. Intact, in good condition, interesting and otherwise special jewelry, we return to their original splendor and sell as jewelry through our store.

We always pay for gold jewelry at least according to the daily changing world market price and in addition the price is affected by the value, brand value or other value-creating factors of the diamonds or other gemstones in the jewelry.

Gold trading with confidence since 1949

Welcome to our store at Alexandersgatan 50, Helsinki. We are open on weekdays from 10 to 17 and on Saturdays from 10 to 15. 

You can also contact us via e-mail

We also constantly buy:

  • watches 
  • old coins 
  • banknotes 
  • decorations 
  • medals 
  • military collectibles 
  • other collectibles

Fill out the form below with your contact information and a description of what kind of gold you are selling and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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