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Privacy policy

Privacy policy in accordance with the Personal Data Act (Finland, 22.4.1999/523)

1. The Registrar

Name: Rahaliike Holmasto seur. Mynthandel Ky
Address: Aleksanterinkatu 50, 00100 Helsinki

2. The person in charge of registry issues

Michael von Schantz
Address: Aleksanterinkatu 50, 00100 Helsinki

3. The Name of The Registry

The Customer Registry of Holmasto

4. The Purpose of the Handling of  Personal Information

The information of the registry is used to maintain customer relations, customer contacts, planning and improvement of services, marketing and the focusing of supply and marketing.

5. The Content of The Registry

The contact information and information required for the purpose of ordering: surname, given names, street address , post code, town, mobile number, e-mail address, and other information relating to the maintenance of the customer relationship, such as products and services of interest to the customer. A possible direct marketing prohibition.

The identification information for a registered customer (customer id). The personal ID may sometimes be required to secure the justified interest of Holmasto (e.g. binding auction bids made by the customer, credit commitments). A possible prohibition of direct marketing. Information about customer orders, shipments and returns. Regarding auctions, bid and purchase history.

6. Regular Sources of Information

The contact and customer information are received when the customer relationship is created and during the relationship or when a registered registrar informs or when the customer registers on the website of Holmasto. The participation in the auctions always requires a registration (name, address, e-mail address and/or phone number).

A direct marketing prohibition is recorded based on a separate request. Holmasto may use cookies on its website to collect information. A separate permission to use cookies is always requested from the users.

The registered party is separately asked for consent to electronic direct marketing (e-mail and/or mobile) in accordance with the data law on electronic communication.

7. Regular transfer of information outside the EU or the European economic area

Holmasto does not transfer information outside of Finland.

8. The Principles of Protection of the Registry

The written material is kept in a locked space. The material in digital form: only the own personnel of the registrar, and the personnel of companies contracted by the registrar, are authorised to use the system that contains personal data.

All personnel handling register information are bound by non-disclosure obligation.

The register and the information systems equipment handling the register are physically located on the Holmasto server in a closed space unaccessible by outsiders, and on servers in locked machine halls in the company that is contracted by Holmasto to supply IT services. All register information are secured by regular backups. The access by outsiders to the registry and the systems, is blocked by firewalls and necessary newest possible protection techniques.

9. The Right to Review and Prohibit by The Registered

The registered has the right to review and demand the correction of incorrect information or errors in the information about himself.

The registered has the right to prohibit the registrar to process information of himself for purposes of direct marketing, distance sales and other direct marketing and market research as well as professional registers and genealogy.

The request to review or to correct should be addressed to the person in charge of the registry (section 2.) by e-mail, regular mail or on site in the office of Holmasto.