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Terms of Bidding

All of our auctions are voluntary and public. The prices of the items mentioned in the catalogues are minimum prices in €. Lots are not sold below minimum price. Holmasto aims to give as correct information of the objects as possible in the catalogue, but responsibility for appraising the condition of the objects remains with the buyer, as the lots are at view on Holmasto’s shop in advance and at the auction event therefore possible for the buyer to examine. Descriptions in the catalogue are subject to change. The public will be notified of any such change at the sale.

The buyer has no right to lodge a complaint after the knock of the hammer.
Clocks and watches are not sold as timepieces but as work of art. Holmasto does not accept liability for their proper functioning. Holmasto will not be held liable for naturally occuring changes in living materia e.g. Cracks in wood etc.

Bids via internet

These terms apply on all bids placed in advance or realtime regardless of the submittion method.

Bids can be placed in advance on

Before participation the bidder has to register an account with Holmasto.

After the “accept” -button has been pressed the bid is final and cannot be lowered or cancelled. Raising of bids is possible.

The person who places the bid(s) is responsible for the bids including full payment, additional charges and all other responsibilities related to the transaction, even if he is representing a third person/party.

A buyer’s charge of 22 % will be added to the hammered price ( margin tax included).

Holmasto takes no responsible for bids that for any reason has not reached the system in time.

In extremely uncommon situations, due to technical limitations, the hammered price announced on Holmasto’s website may be incorrect. Holmasto reserves the right to correct prices and other errors occurring on the web-site during the auction and also after an auction has ended. The Buyer will always be separately informed of the final price by Holmasto.


The usual mode of payment is cash payment, bankcard or creditcard during the auction. Other options of delivery and payment should be separately agreed in advance. Absent buyer will receive an invoice shortly after the auction which has to be payed within 6 days from receiving the invoice. Overdue interest 8% + reminder fee € 8.-


Delivery (by mail) upon buyers request. Delivery charges will be added for package, shipping and insurance outside Finland Value of goods. >100 € insured shipments will automatically be sent by DHL. If the buyer does not wish to insure the shipment, payment has to be done by bank transfer, card payments are not possible in this case. A handling fee 5 €/customer is charged for auction purchases which are not paid and picked up at the auction event.

PLEASE NOTE CAREFULLY THE FOLLOWING! Insurance variations and procedures exists depending on country and total amount. In some cases it is not possible to insure or insurance might cover only a part of the total value. Holmasto is never responsible for any kind of loss damage, theft or other reasons. When shipments are sent without insurance, shipping will be performed on buyers risk.

When payment is done by credit card and delivery is requested to countries of which insurance is not possible by regular mail (or the value exceeds the insurance limit), Holmasto will ship by DHL.

If the buyer wish to have the lots sent with insurance not included, payment has to be done by bank transfer.

Please do have your id-card with in case Holmasto needs to ask for it.The ownership of the items will remain at Holmasto until Holmasto have received full payment for the items.

Continued auction for unsold items.

Unsold items will be sold at a continued auction to the highest bidder within one week after the auction with a buyers charge of 25 %  (incl. tax). The continued auction follows the same procedures at the main auction. If there is only one bidder the price will be the minimum price. If there are several bidders the price will be the second highest bid + minimum raise.

Any person who wants to take part in an auction has to accept these terms.

We hope that absent/pre-auction bids will be sent to Holmasto in good time. When same size bids compete the winning bid is the one that reached the auction system earlier.


If the buyer has not filed a complaint within 10 days from the date of receiving the goods he or she will loose the right to file a complaint. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further advise and information.

Please contact us in case you have questions.