Selling at auctions

If you wish to sell an item at one of our auctions, the process follows the steps below.


We need to valuate any item we sell at our auctions, so the first step will be to bring the item(s) you wish to sell to our store for a valuation. See for more information.

Seller contract

If you decide to sell an item at one of our auctions we write a seller contract, which lists the items you have decided to place in our care, the payment details for any earnings you receive, and the costs associated with the sale. Once you have signed the contract and handed over the items we are ready to proceed with preparing the items for the next suitable auction.

After the auction

After the auction you will receive a receipt of how the sale of your items went, and any earnings will be paid to the bank account you provided. If an item did not sell during the auction itself, it is automatically part of a post-auction sale during which it might still get sold. The post-auction sale typically lasts 7 days. If there are still unsold items after this, you have the option to either take the items back, or ask us to sell them at the next auction.